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~JiP~ Members

Post by Devy on Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:58 pm

~JiP~ Clan Leader (level 20)
~JiP~ devY'

~JiP~ Server Host (level 19)
~JiP~ meeso'

~JiP~ Co-Leader (level 18)
~JiP~ SanYo'''

~JiP~ Recruiter (level 10)
~JiP~ Zelah

~JiP~ Moderator (level 6)
~JiP~ spartan'

~JiP~ Loyal Member (level 5)
~JiP~ God
~JiP~ pokeY

~JiP~ Clan Member (level 4)
~JiP~ chillY
~JiP~ arie$
~JiP~ chosen.
~JiP~ Monkey
~JiP~ Hektor.
~JiP~ Josh.
~JiP~ Liuskur
~JiP~ Alpf
~JiP~ soMeoNe

~JiP~ Clan Trial (level 3)

Total members: 20
Clan leader
Clan leader

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